1. Do I have to pay for National Insurance Number appointment?
Yes , if you apply by our website we charge fee £28 for standard application and £32 for fast .
2. Can I reschedule my appointment?
Yes you can, we are able to reschedule your appointment once when you are not happy with date or time what we gave you.
3. Can I pay by card?
Yes you can , you are able to pay by card or PayPal
4. Do you do refunds?
Yes we do , If we haven’t start process your application you are able to get refund minus administration fee (20%).If your appointment been already booked we are not able to send your money back.
5. Can I apply for NiN if I’m not in the UK?
Yes you can , If you have UK address when job centre can send you a confirmation letter.

Be aware before you apply!
Our service provide online appointments for National Insurance Number. We charge for booking
appointments and you can see prices on the top of each application form. We are not doing refunds
with no reason if we already proceed your application. If we haven’t process your application we are able to send you a refund -20% administration fee.If you fill the form, but you provide false
information or something is missing, we are not able to finish your application in 2 days.
We can re-book your appointment once , if you cannot attend that time/date what been chosen
for you. System choose job centres for your interview which are the closest to your home address.Just some of them doing interviews for NIN not all of them .We are NOT related with
HMRevenue ,they are sending letters to you by post with all details .If you haven’t received letter on
time please contact them directly not us.You can book appointment calling job centre free of charge.